Meet the 2019 Run Jen Run Ambassadors

We are so grateful for our community members serving as ambassadors to share the story of the Go Jen Go Foundation and bring the community together on March 9! Be sure to follow them on social media to see the great things they are doing in the community and supporting Go Jen Go!

Krysta Huber | Personal Trainer/Burn Boot Camp SouthPark

BIO: Krysta Huber is a Certified Personal Trainer and Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp SouthPark. Like many other Charlotte transplants, she found her way to the Queen City for a job in finance. Her love for fitness began in college, where she first started teaching group exercise. Krysta landed at Burn Boot Camp as a client in search of a challenging workout, and was immediately sold on the gym's tight-knit community. She is grateful for the opportunity to lead hundreds of women and busy moms daily, and she hopes to teach them to prioritize themselves--and their fitness goals--for at least one hour per day.

Why I am a Run Jen Run Ambassador: Being a part of something that encourages people to move and be active--for such an important cause--is something I'd go above and beyond to support! What I admire most about Go Jen Go is the organization's dedication to the families it supports. I can only imagine the relief these families feel knowing that several needs and services, all of which most of us take for granted, are taken care of in such a trying time.

Follow her on Instagram: @kh_fitnessfix

Liz Joyce | Rehab and Movement Specialist /Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy

BIO: I am a born and raised Charlottean with a love for this city! I attended Appalachian State University (go Mountaineers!) where I received my degree in athletic training. No matter the setting/client, my goal as a movement and recovery specialist is to help people move well so they can move often. As an active long distance runner, recovering from a spinal fusion, I am reminded daily of the journey and the reasons for why I run. Whether it is one mile or a marathon, movement is a gift!

Why I am a Run Jen Run Ambassador: I have a passion for people and connecting with them. Running has a special place in my heart, and using it as an avenue for connection is what I am all about! My personal mission is to meet people exactly where they are and to love them in that space. GoJenGo is an organization that is doing just that. Meeting the needs of people battling breast cancer, financially but also with love.

Follow her on Instagram: @lizcjoyce

Laura Hastings | Registered Nurse

BIO: I’m a former college swimmer, mom to 2 great kids and wife. I started running 5 years ago with a group of friends and just finished my 16th half marathon. Excited that I will run the Chicago Marathon, my first , in October. I am passionate about sports, health and wellness and helping others.

Why I am a Run Jen Run Ambassador: I am an ambassador because I truly am passionate about helping others. I will give it 110% like I do everything else. It means helping others and finding a cure. Have had a couple close friends affected with breast cancer. I believe it’s important to always spread the word and raise money. Running for a great cause also is teaching my 11 year old daughter many lessons.

Follow her on Instagram: @Megsjake

Tim McBride | Retired

BIO: A runner who supports many organizations. I have a running streak of over 7 years.

Why I am a Run Jen Run Ambassador: I hate cancer. The day I found out my nephew’s wife (Jennifer) had breast cancer I also heard about Run Jen Run. I have ran the race every year since then

Follow him on Instagram: @TIMMCBEAST